Meet Dr. Scarlett

As an Ophthalmologist, I have treated eye infections from both lash extensions and glued-on lashes. Lash extensions are also damaging and quite often pull out the natural lashes. Everyone desires to have long beautiful lashes, but older women will often have difficulty seeing well enough to put on eye makeup after removing their readers. These problems were the inspiration for BeautyBonder!


It was my goal to create a clear eyeliner that was easy to apply and mistake-proof. A clear eyeliner offers a more natural look, but we also offer a black eyeliner for those times when you want more lash-emphasis. These bonding eyeliners contain amino acids which are nourishing for your lashes and eyelids. What we have formulated is easy to apply, waterproof, mistake-proof, stays on all day- but is easily removed. That allows for simple daily false lash use. It is the only doctor-formulated, patent-pending product like this! I know you’ll love it!